Alan Hamilton
Localization and freedom of choice advocate
Previous elections:
- Oct 2020, QLD State Candidate, McConnel District
Alan Hamilton is a Business Professional with 25 yrs experience working in the Information Technology Industry. He is passionately concerned about the role of technology in society and its impact on privacy, identity, freedom, and the future of work.
Alan joined the Informed Medical Options Party and agreed to stand as the candidate for McConnell because of his concern about Australia’s response to the SARS CoV-2 pandemic. We have just lived through a globally coordinated shutdown of the world’s economy under the guise of a health pandemic which has a fatality rate remarkably similar to the common flu. In Victoria people have been forced to endure the longest and harshest lockdown in the world with no evidence that such tactics save more lives than they cost. Now that Victorians have shown their willingness to tolerate such treatment, there is a material risk that governments elsewhere in Australia may try to use the same measures at any excuse.
Alan thinks that the recent shutdowns have nothing to do with a seasonal coronavirus. Instead, he claims that the declaration of a ‘global pandemic’ by WHO has served as a cover-story for a global economic reset.  Around the world, local businesses (which employ people and pay taxes) were shut down by government edict while global Tech Giants (who employ few people and frequently pay no taxes) were allowed to continue trading unimpeded by government interference.
It is his opinion that the widespread replacement of embodied labour with digital technologies, the exponential rise in indebtedness, the introduction of ubiquitous surveillance and the proposed vaccination of every person on the planet, are not the consequences of a viral pandemic. Rather they are evidence of an economic coup d’etat perpetrated by a predatory elite using global institutions of governance such as the World Economic Forum, World Health Organisation and United Nations as their vehicles. Alan believes that this is occurring now because we are reaching the upper limits of growth on a finite planet, causing corporations which can no longer grow organically to impose themselves and their products onto people by legislative mandate.
For a long time, western societies have benefited from an economic system that ignored the harms it caused to the environment, other living creatures, and indigenous people. Finally, we are being forced to recognise the ills of this system now that its predations are being directed towards us. This development means we much choose a path forward; either we make systemic changes to how we create and distribute wealth, or we continue what we are doing and sink into a fusion of corporate and government authoritarianism.
Alan’s candidacy is based on the idea that alternative forms of social and economic interaction together with new forms of governance are required if we are to remain a just and free society. His vision of the future is the direct opposite of what is popularly known as globalization. He stands for limits to wealth, small businesses, small units of governance, and smaller communities and families intimately connected to their local environments.
Alan believes that IMOP is the only party that will honestly and constructively address the systemic issues confronting our society beginning with protection of our fundamental human right to bodily integrity. Alan is opposed to authoritarian forms of governance and the forced-medication of healthy people. As a representative for IMOP he will never coerce or induce people to consume medicines they neither want nor need.
By way of background Alan has been actively involved in projects pertaining to the future of work, urban organic farming and medical choice. He maintains a keen interest in Western philosophy. He is married to a nutritionist and homeopath and the father of four adult children. He has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, and Europe and now resides in Spring Hill.
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