Angela Ketas
Nurse, Barrister and Educator

Previous elections:
- March 2023, Legislative Assembly for Port Stephens, NSW State Election
- May 2022, NSW House of Representatives, Paterson

Angela is both a nurse and a barrister, defending human, environmental and animal rights. She is both passionate and experienced when it comes to issues of Human Rights, Health Choices and savory alternatives to education for our children. Angela is concerned by the introduction, too early in a child’s life, of topics such as sexuality and gender. She has spent much of her life standing up for those among us who do not always have a voice. She is a truth seeker and like many of us, has personally felt the devastating results of harsh and draconian measures thrown upon society in recent times.
“It is time for our Government to lead with truth and transparency in all aspects of its operation. Be it infrastructure, health or environment, their actions should no longer be so heavily weighted towards global and corporate agendas. The focus should always be ‘what is in the best interests of ordinary Australians’, and not an elite minority. Project fear is over; fear will no longer cast the final vote on how we govern our lives.”
Vote for Angela Ketas
Because YOU deserve to be heard!
I am your voice for choice!
  • YOUR peace of mind to choose or refuse any health product or procedure without coercion, discrimination, harassment or penalty is your right.
  • You deserve accountability and transparency in all areas of Government, including but not limited to health, environmental and economic policies. Imagine that!
  • I will fight for your democratic right to work, open your business and travel without the interference of bureaucrats.
  • I will fight to eliminate censorship; bringing back truth and transparency.
  • I will shine a spotlight in places where accountability is lacking.
  • I am truly committed to providing ALL Australians with the power to make informed decisions about their own health and way of life.
  • My mission is to stop the poisoning of the people and the planet in order to achieve healthy people and a healthy planet.
Together we will enhance the potential of all Australians to live the life they choose.
Angela radio interview with TNT Radio 12/3/22:
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