Cathy Townsend
Freedom of Choice Ambassador
Previous elections:
- May 2022, NSW House of Representatives, Hunter
Cathy was born, raised and educated in the Hunter.  Following school, she went to work for the Commonwealth Bank, reaching the position of senior teller before leaving to get married and raise her own family.  Cathy had five children, fostered two more and is now a proud grandmother of four, with another on the way.  She has a great love for young people and has always been committed to all children receiving the best care possible.  While she was a stay-at-home mum, Cathy was actively involved with her children’s schools, sporting activities and Parents and Citizens Associations.  She continued volunteering for other organisations in various ways.
When Cathy returned to the workforce, she found herself the target of discrimination against women in two male dominated businesses, with one employer even accused of a criminal offence.  She moved to Queensland to take up a position in Gladstone, a coal port town very similar to Newcastle.  Cathy was responsible for the administration of a large company for all of Queensland, but unfortunately, her much younger immediate boss subjected her to bullying and she chose to leave.  On the positive side, she attained a Business Certificate III during this time.
Due to government restrictions over the last two years, Cathy’s mother died in 2020 without family and friends around her, which was devastating for all concerned.  This tragic event was one of the triggers leading to Cathy’s decision to return to the Hunter Region last year to spend as much time around her children and grandchildren as possible.  She is also undertaking further studies in business.
Cathy has long held an interest in natural health, with two of her children successfully being born at home.  She was a Nursing Mothers’ Association counsellor and ran their Morisset group for nearly three years.  Now well into middle age, she is not on any pharmaceutical products, takes good care of herself and is happy and healthy as a result.  Bodily autonomy is high on Cathy’s priorities and she stands for everyone’s right to make uncoerced medical decisions regarding their own health.
As a long-term resident of the Hunter, Cathy understands the value of employment; that it offers stability to families and keeps communities in a positive frame of mind.  She is supportive of good environmental policies, but not of extreme positions and sudden, dramatic change that could destroy the lives of the Hunter communities.
Cathy will work to make sure that a regime of economy destroying, so-called, but actually unscientific, ‘health’ policies of the kind that have been dominant in Australia for the last two years never happens again.
Authorised by M. O'Neill, The Informed Medical Options Party, 1755 Nulla Nulla Creek Rd, Bellbrook NSW 2440
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