Kirstyn Marriott
Freedom of Choice Advocate
Previous elections:
- Oct 2020, QLD State Candidate, Oodgeroo
Kirstyn was Born and raised in Victoria, where she completed her secondary education.  She and her family moved to Brisbane Bayside in 2008, leaving behind a farming life for a sea change and to enjoy the pace that the bayside offers.
Kirstyn’s three-decade business background spans a diverse range of fields and arenas, including banking, agriculture, manufacturing, real-estate investment and wellness education and events.   In 2017 Kirstyn also authored the book, ‘How to Remain Calm in the Midst of Chaos - A Holistic Guide to a Calmer Balanced Life’.
Kirstyn is concerned about the erosion of our rights to education and medical care, through coercive policies, and the forced removal of children from their homes on medical grounds. She is also concerned about the environmental and subsequent health effects of the toxic, industrial waste products which get added to our drinking water and beautiful waterways.  The level and extent of contamination is having a detrimental effect on both human health and the environment and Kirstyn would like action on the reduction of environmental and human exposure to toxic substances.


Kirstyn believes strongly in supporting Indigenous Australians to have the opportunity to freely embrace their culture and traditions, including traditional medicine practices.  A better understanding of the complexity and importance of Indigenous lore and culture is needed and that ‘Closing the Gap’ is not about bringing Indigenous peoples closer in line with Western culture.  ‘Closing the Gap’ is about respect and understanding of a culture, which has survived sustainably on this land for over 50,000 years.  Kirstyn will advocate the collaboration with Indigenous tribes and clan groups, to connect with Elders and encourage the re-establishment of ceremony and traditional practices.  Kirstyn would like to see the empowerment of our Indigenous brothers and sisters to understand that their traditional practices were the right methods for their long-term health and sustainability.  There is much to be learnt from Indigenous wisdom and connection to country.
When Kirstyn’s children where young she learned that some of the accepted, routine medical procedures where not always the best way to support a healthy and robust immune system.  Kirstyn experienced many health challenges with her children, including skin issues and hurdles with learning; so the questions started to arise surrounding the safety and efficiency of routine childhood vaccinations.
With many people questioning the effects of vaccination on long-term health, we are now faced with coercive vaccination policies affecting the rights to education and financial support.  After watching her father suffer under medical coercion and bullying and the creep towards more extreme coercive measures, Kirstyn has decided stand up and call out the corruption which plagues our current medical system.
Kirstyn believes individuals have the right to informed consent, which should be supported by all medical practitioners.  Medical professionals should be working towards an end goal of the patient being returned to optimal health, in a stress free and supportive environment. 
A word from Kirstyn:
“It is time to end the cover ups and bring transparency to the forefront in medical care. Allow doctors to collaborate and advise on natural remedies. I stand for you and for future generations to thrive and live the life that you were created for.”
Authorised by M. O'Neill, The Informed Medical Options Party, 1755 Nulla Nulla Creek Rd, Bellbrook NSW 2440
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