With the increase of Australians concerned about government pressure to push vaccinations, passports and general loss of freedom, we have noticed various petitions.  As a result, we have created this section to list all of the petitions that are current in the hope to keep momentum going and support them all, plus to avoid repetition. 
Note: these petitions are not IMOP initiatives (except for last one) and have not contacted any of the petitioners.
Australian Parliament House e-petitions
*** You have to sign the petitions one at a time, and confirm the email before moving on to the next one. ***
  • EN3214 Alternate treatment options for Covid 19 (ends 29 Sep)
  • EN3213 White papers describing the isolation of the Covid19 aka SARS-CoV-2 (ends 29 Sep)
  • EN3205 Constitutional rights of Australians (ends 29 Sep)
  • EN3179 Immediately Release all TGA submission documents for publicly funded vaccine (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3169 Government to provide actual evidence that the covid19 actually exists (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3141 IVERMECTIN USE FOR COVID-19 (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3128 Verify whether Covid-19 vaccines contain Graphene Oxide (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3119 No Domestic Vaccine Passports (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3112 Keep our Medical information private (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3108 NO international or domestic vaccine passports (ends 22 Sep)
  • EN3088 STOP Gain-of-Function, Virus Genetic Modification highlighted by COVID-19 (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3084 Stop COVID-19 vaccine roll out for children & young people (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3083 All Covid-19 vaccinations should be halted immediately (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3073 Stop discrimination of Australians not taking experimental COVID19 vaccine (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3072 Pathology labs must report accuracy of coronavirus tests (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3070 Stop use of experimental COVID19 vaccines in young people/students (ends 8 Sep)
  • EN3046 Immediately Stop COVID-19 Vaccines for children aged 12-16 - (closed)
  • EN2912 Criminalise coercion towards COVID-19 medical intervention, procedure or treatment - (closed)
  • EN2901 Stop Mandatory COVID vaccination for Aged Care Workers - (closed)
  • EN2886 No Mandatory COVID vaccines for Aged Care Workers - (closed)
  • EN2858 Stop the experimental COVID19 vaccines without "informed consent" -  (closed)
  • EN2855 Alternate treatment options for Covid 19 - (closed)
  • EN2849 NO Mandatory Vaccine in any HUMAN (Sect51/XX111a Australian Constitution) - (closed)
  • EN2828 Medical Coercion must stop in Australia - (closed)
  • EN2794 Fight To Ban Vaccine Passports/Certificates - (closed)
  • EN2753 No Mandatory Covid-19 vaccination (closed) Received 309,829 signatures
Tanya Davies MP, Liberal
One Nation
George Christensen MP, Liberal
Supporting Dr Paul Oosterhuis
  • Dr. Paul Oosterhuis is an Australian anaesthetist who has been de registered for speaking out against COVID.  He now has a petition to fight against NSW Medical Board.
Informed Medical Options Party
  • Review of COVID-19 Lockdown Measures - created May 2020 & is now outdated.  We will, however, continue to accept signatures as evidence of how many Australian's are against lockdown measures.

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