The Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) aims to bring about change to the government of Australia. We  stand for full informed consent, truth and transparency. We advocate for freedom of choice; and we aim to always represent the will of the people.

Our main agenda is to eliminate mandatory health policies, and to provide the Australian people with choice when it comes to their way of living.

IMOP - We are your VOICE for CHOICE!


  1. Remove all the No Jab No Pay/Play legislation, so parents are no longer penalised for their choices. Following this, we will seek financial compensation for all Australians affected by these policies.
  2. Remove all COVID and flu mandates to allow those who have lost their jobs from these mandates to receive support as a priority of job placement in their field.
  3. Remove all COVID restrictions to allow businesses and tourism to flourish again.
  4. Amend all state and federal laws to include vaccine conscientious objection exemptions for the purpose of enrolment in childcare and early education services. Amend all relevant Centrelink legislation to include conscientious objection to vaccination.
  5. Establish independent, randomised, quality laboratory testing on all vaccines used in Australia.
  6. Improve the Australian vaccine adverse event reporting system. Current inadequate programs, like AusVaxSafety, report on only a few vaccines, and only for short periods of time.  Remove monitoring by the TGA, as they have conflicts of interest. Adverse event reports should all be independently investigated. A new independent body is needed to monitor adverse event reports and the safety of vaccines in the population.
  7. Insist NCIRS provide research on the health of children as a result of vaccination, particularly long-term. NCIRS are actually required to evaluate the vaccine program. We believe this has not been done for at least the last 2 decades. Evaluating the health outcomes of the National Immunisation Program is an essential part of the risk assessment process.
  8. Conduct a study comparing the health of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children in Australia, which was promised by Professor Peter McIntyre several years ago, but never followed up.
  9. Make legal aid available for litigation against pharmaceutical companies for vaccine damage.
  10. Ensure full informed consent is provided by all doctors, before performing vaccination, for both risks and benefits. Enforce by way of fines, legal requirements to mandate full informed consent by Dr’s, nurses and medical staff. Currently, the benefits are emphasised. We also want to ensure that if vaccine risks are mentioned by a doctor, that their career is not in jeopardy.
  11. Increase the options available on government Vaccination Medical Exemption Forms.
  12. Establish a Royal Commission into the claims that Australian families have had their children damaged or killed as a result of vaccinations.
  13. Request large, long-term, double-blind, random controlled trials on ALL pre-licensed vaccines used in Australia.
  1. Support increased parental leave to 12 months for a parent to stay at home with their child. This has the benefit of increased care and bonding, and can help avoid exposure to disease in childcare centres.
  2. Advocate for government funded natural and midwife assisted births
  3. Protect the right of every parent to choose NOT to vaccinate their child. This needs to be recognised in Australian law as a valid medical option. There should be no threat of interference from child protection services.
  4. Amend the Family Law Act to recognise medical decisions made for a child PRIOR to parental separation.
  5. Stop forced vaccination of children in temporary care. This is currently occurring without the consent of parents. Bring back the right of parents to make this decision.
  6. IMOP wants to limit the authority of state governments so that they can no longer remove children from the care of their parents on the basis of the parents' refusal to consent to medical treatments that are evidenced in the scientific literature to carry serious risks. Presently, removal is authorised if parents refuse consent to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or in some unusual circumstances, even vaccination.
  1. Defend the right for Australian's to choose traditional and natural therapies, and Include them in the public health system.
  2. Legalise medicinal cannabis in all states.
  3. Promote organic food & farming.
  4. Promote GMO-free food and labelling.
  5. Develop complementary options for psychiatric healthcare, rather than psychiatric drugs alone.  This particularly needs to be offered when people are placed in psychiatric facilities for extended care and assessment.
  6. Remove any ties between Australia and World Health Organisation.
  1. Remove fluoride from all Australian water supplies.
  1. The QLD Termination of Pregnancy Act 2018 allows for full term abortion.  We oppose this Act and will seek to remove it as a priority as soon as we are elected into parliament.
  2. We will seek to ban the use of human fetal organs for scientific experiments, medical testing and its inclusion in all products.
  3. We support the ‘Children Born Alive Bill’, which offers medical assistance to children who are born alive after an attempted abortion.


  1. Conduct an independent environmental impact review of all government-approved pesticides, insecticides and herbicides.
  2. Phase out all chemicals that affect our environment, including glyphosate, round-up and neonicotinoids.
  3. Invest in ethical energy and living. Reduce pollution.
  4. Scrutinise impacts of mining and fracking on the environment.
  5. Scrutinise government-approved practices that negatively impact on the health of our environment and people. This includes residual contamination and, runoff into creeks, rivers and oceans that threaten to destroy marine ecosystems, including the Great Barrier Reef.
  6. Investigate safe, economical and environmentally-sound energy production in Australia.
  1. Halt 5G rollout until independent studies and safety levels are assessed on human and animal health, and the environment. 


  1. Support indigenous cultures in their use of traditional foods and medicines within the medical system and on country.
  2. History demonstrates that loss of culture also causes the loss of spiritual health which results in physical illness.
  3. Once elected, an IMOP MP would assist in the delivery of culturally & linguistically diverse projects and initiatives to support and nurture communities to grow and flourish. We will work on any issues brought to our attention through advice and discussion with the Cultural Elders and community - on site if need be.
  4. IMOP would engage visitors and residents to nurture equality and tolerance through the following initiatives:
  • Subscribe to newsletter to keep abreast of events and issues;
  • Walk and talk activities in nature;
  • Trouble shooting forums;
  • Support education programs;
  • Conferences;
  • Food experience Festivals;
  • Working bees;
  • Cooking and language programs and books;
  • Community festivals;
  • Plays and art exhibitions and dance around culture;
  • On invitation be a guest speaker at meetings;
  • Education programs;
  • Attend on-site problem-solving issues.
  1. Support community schools and more support for alternative and home-schooling.
  1. End all cruel animal practices and scrutinise pharmaceutical use in animal industries and the subsequent effects on people and the environment


  1. Bring back freedom of choice and speech regarding vaccination. We want to end censorship on this topic.
  2. Demand government truth and transparency, and disclose ALL conflicts of interest in all areas.
  3. As Australia is the only liberal democracy without a constitutional bill of rights, or comprehensive federal human rights legislation, most rights that Australians take for granted are not adequately protected against legislative excess.  The parliament is still permitted to enact laws that violate human rights. We seek either a constitutional bill of rights, or a federal human rights Act which is binding on both the parliamentary and executive arms of government to protect our human rights and freedoms.
  1. Support small business. Develop policies for less regulation, red tape and laws.
  2. Protect community banks and cash, and the right for all Australians to make an anonymous transaction.
  3. Limit foreign ownership of business, land and water.
  4. Investigate the negative legislative impact of Australia's membership of the United Nations.
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