Name Change to HEART Party

9th October 20223
I am delighted to inform you that the name change from the Informed Medical Options Party (IMOP) to Health Environment Accountability Rights Transparency (HEART) has been approved by the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). Our new name better reflects the issues that we consider important, and we are the people and party with HEART.
The registered abbreviation is: HEART Party
Over the next few months you will see all our advertising, and website change to reflect the new name. Our willing team of volunteers will do their best to make it happen as soon as possible.
The IMOP/HEART Party is also going through an audit, and you may be asked to confirm your membership. Please help us by confirming that you are a member of HEART Party or IMOP, depending on which way the AEC will ask you.
Please spread the word. We are here to represent your Voice for Choice and champion the issues of personal freedom that are fast been eroded. And we are the Party of Heart; in every way. We love the Truth and will fight for your Health choices, a better Environment, ensure Accountability, citizen Rights and complete government Transparency. We are on your side from our HEART.
Michael O'Neill
President / Secretary
Authorised by M. O'Neill, The Informed Medical Options Party, 1755 Nulla Nulla Creek Rd, Bellbrook NSW 2440
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