Dr Judy Wilyman
PhD, Specialist in Government Vaccination Policies
Previous Elections:
- May 2019, Senate Candidate for Federal Election (WA)
Judy is standing for IMOP in the Senate for the state of WA along with Michelle Kinsella. Judy shares the vision of the party with respect to democratic principles and preventative health practices and she is particularly passionate about health and human rights.
She has been actively educating the public on the issue of freedom of choice in vaccination for the past fifteen years as the Australian government has introduced coercive and mandatory vaccination legislation into social welfare policies.
Judy was a science teacher for 20 years before becoming a health educator presenting information in public seminars and conferences. She completed a Master of Science degree (Population Health) in 2007 in the School of Public Health at the University of Wollongong. She then took up a job lecturing in environmental health issues at Murdoch University before completing a PhD investigating the control of infectious diseases in Australia in 2015.

Judy has also investigated the human rights issues involved in mandating, with financial inducements (coercion), vaccines into the genetically diverse Australian population. She hopes to give a voice to the large majority of the Australian population who want choice in vaccination but who are being dismissed as ‘anti-vaccination’.

Judy was nominated for the 2019 Australian of the Year Awards and she is committed to ensuring there is objectivity and transparency in the design of health policies and in the reporting of health issues in the mainstream media.  

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