Press Release - Uncle Max on his role as Cultural Adviser to IMOParty, 5th May 2019
Uncle Max Dulumunmun Harrison is an elder from the Yuin Nation of the South Coast of NSW.
Uncle Max is the Cultural Adviser to the IMOParty. Uncle Max wants to advise the senators and representatives of the IMOParty, if elected. He wants to be a voice through the IMOParty for indigenous Australians, and in fact all Australians.
Uncle Max knows that the IMOParty speaks the truth on vaccination damage, fluoride and GMO injury.
Uncle Max wants to ensure health choices when it comes to cultural and immunisation practices.
Uncle Max has lived through the 'sorry days' and 'genocide' and he wants to avert another for his brothers and sisters, and for future generations. 
He supports the IMOParty to establish a Royal Commission into the medical intervention  vaccination.

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