IMOParty Membership Audit

8th Sep 2021
Informed Medical Options Party
ABN: 34 710 597 938
We have received notification from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) of their amendment to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 that affects registered non-parliamentary political parties.  This amendment has increased the membership threshold for registration from 500 to ‘at least 1,500 members’ (s 123).  Therefore, we are required to provide a list of our members to the AEC in order to stay registered.
To ensure we pass the audit, we are asking all of our members to confirm their details for accuracy as a matter of urgency.  This will allow us to continue our fight for medical freedoms.
Once you agree to allowing us to send your details to the AEC, and after we submit our application, they will contact you within the next four months asking you to confirm your membership with the IMOParty and that you are not registered with any other party.  Note: this could be via mail, email or phone (possibly private caller ID).


An email has been sent to our members to confirm your details.  If for any reason you did not receive this email, you can simply complete and submit the form below.

IMOParty contact details:
email |
Postal address | PO Box 366, Springwood NSW 2777
NOTE: For the purposes of the audit, you are permitted to be a member of more than one political party. However, should that political party not have a member in the federal parliament e.g. IMOP, GAP, AFP or HAP, you must choose which party the AEC is to count you as a member in their audit.  
Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation during this process.
Be sure to click on the "Submit Form" button and look out for a confirmation email to guarantee our receipt.
IMOParty Team

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